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  1. APEC Conference on Empowering the Next Generation:Investment in Preventable Infant Deaths by a Healthy Start will be held both in-person and via virtual conference. 

  2. The seats in the conference venue will be limited. Only the participants with the confirmation of registration could attend.

  3. Please prepare your own water bottle.

  4. The Organizer reserves the right to approve or to refuse any registration at any time.

  5. Consent to use photographic images: Registration and attendance at, or participation in, APEC Conference on Empowering the Next Generation: Investment in Preventable Infant Deaths by a Healthy Start constitutes an agreement by the registrant to the Health Promotion Administration of Ministry of Health and Welfare’s use and distribution (both now and in the future) of the registrant or attendee’s image or voice. If you prefer not to be in any of the above mentioned please reach out to conference secretariat.

  6. Registration information is for this conference only and will be deleted after the conference.

  1. 本次研討會採實體與線上方式併行辦理。

  2. 會議場地容納人數設有限額,當日將依研討會報名成功者,進行報到作業。

  3. 為響應環保請自行攜帶水杯。

  4. 主辦單位保留最終報名資格審核權。

  5. 影音授權聲明:所有報名、出席、參與本次研討會者,將視同同意授權衛生福利部國民健康署(現在及未來)使用您參與本次研討會的所有影像及聲音。如您不同意前述事項,敬請與研討會秘書處聯繫。

  6. 本次研討會將申請公務人員時數。

  7. ​報名資料僅供本次研討會使用,將於會後刪除資料。

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