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Conference Venue

地點: 福華國際文教會館 前瞻廳
Location: Conference Room, 1F, Howard Civil Service International House

地址: 台北市大安區新生南路三段30號
Address: No.30, Sec. 3, Xinsheng S Rd., Daan Dist., Taipei City
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Photo by Howard Civil Service International House

Traffic Information

  • By MRT

Take green line and red line to Taipower Building Station Exit 2, turn left and walk along Xinhai Road for about 10 minutes until you turn left at the intersection of Xinhai Road and Xinsheng South Road, and you will arrive at Fuhua International Cultural and Educational Center.
  • By Car
  • 中山高:下圓山交流道接建國高架→和平東路出口右轉→左轉至新生南路→右轉至辛亥路→會館地下停車場。
  • 北二高:下木柵交流道→辛亥路過地下道直行→建國南路左轉辛亥路行駛平面車道→過新生南路交叉口→會館地下停車場。
  • Hepingdong Road →Xinsheng South Road →  Xinhai Road.→  Highway  Jianguo→Yuanshan Interchange.
  • Muzha Interchange → Xinhai Road → South Jianguo Road → Xinhai Road →South Xinsheng Road.
  • By Bus
  • 搭乘253,280,290,311,505,642,0南,指南1,指南5,於和平新生路口站下車

  • 搭乘3,15,18,74,235,237,254,278,295,907,291,672,於溫州街口站下車

  • 搭乘52,253,280,284,290,291,311,505,642,907,0南,指南1,於公務人力發展學院站下車

  • To Heping Xinsheng Intersection: 253,280,290,311,505,642,0 South, Guide 1, Guide 5 

  • To Wenzhou Jiekou Station: 3,15,18,74,235,237,254,278,295,907,291,672

  • To Civil Service International House: 52,253,280,284,290,291,311,505,642,907,0 South,Guide 1

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